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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 22, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the line every day. theirs is a war story thatrs deserves to be told. from mexico city, i'm oliverrt, north. good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> geraldo: live and at large and broadcasting to you tonight from onboard my old sailboat voyager which is docked i hope securely in the village of edgartown here in the legendary summer resort island of martha's vineyard where residents are bracing for twin hurricanes. hurricane bill has already been downgraded to a category one. the other hurricane obama who has also been downgraded in a sense, his popularity very weakened in the last several weeks due to the acrimonious debate over the healthcare
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system here in our country. watch this. the president and his family are due to arrive here tomorrow afternoon -- arrive here tomorrow afternoon weather permitting for a rare week off on the vineyard that should not be too severely impacted. if the forecasts are correct, then hurricane bill's effect on the vineyard is expected to be limited to blustery winds and dangerous surfs with waves of eight to ten feet or more. but gave a slightly tougher time to the mid atlantic island of bermuda, flooding roads there, eroding some of those lovely pink sand beaches and upsetting vacation plans for thousands of travelers, including the former first couple, president bill and current secretary of state hillary clinton who cut their trip short because of the weather. although i must say that maybe the clinton's bermuda vacation was all a cover to begin with. the biggest scuttlebutt on the
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vineyard isn't about who president obama is going to play golf with or what they have planned for sasha or melea. the biggest is that chelsea clinton is going to be married here on sunday and that several former president letts be joining the obamas to wish her well. meanwhile, back on the storm front, this island, neighboring nantucket and beaches from the carolinas up to the canadian provinces are hunkered down. we are antsiest patting tropical storm force winds here of some where between 30 and 40 miles an hour. the whole harbor is died down. and when that storm is over, whether or not chelsea ties the knot, this is the island that has seen more than its share of history. it was first a whaling capital. since it has been a favorite for presidents going all the way back to ulysses s. grant. on the dark side, it has been witness to the fatal plane
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crash that claimed the life of john f. kennedy, jr. so popular i is martha's vinesaturday, lyndon johnson used to complain this his cabinet was missing from almost every monday morning meeting because they were fogged in on martha's vineyard. fog may be the least of the problems here. i'm joined with steve from the times. even though it as category one storm, it seems as though residents are taking it seriously. >> most of us moved to safer anchorages and tied down things, just taking precautions. >> geraldo: do you have video, new york? are you okay? okay. are we okay? okay. all right. so they are tying down boats
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and battening down the hatches. even though it is a category one, they believe that it is serious enough to warrant caution? >> there is a tropical storm watch up which means they expect winds up to 40 o knots here overnight for a brief time. the storm is moving very fast so it should go by quickly. >> geraldo: we are joined by dr. bob arnat. a man who wears many hats. dr. danger one of them. he flew his own plane here. a live picture. a new satellite picture we use on boats where hurricane bill is now. this is the storm just offshore of martha's vineyard and here is the closeup on the radar. we are right here. these are the outer wind bands right here. one going by as we speak and another just offshore. the main storm here about 150 miles offshore. the real danger is the surf. we were in the surf today and the life guards are really concerned about this because of
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the walls of water and the rivers that come back out. if you were to be sucked out, it isn't just that you are getting pulled out at a high speed but the water is very foamy is as you try to pull yourself to the surface, you can't, easy to drown, which is why they closed all of the beaches here in massachusetts. >> geraldo: not closed for hurricane bill but hurricane obama. >> closed for both. >> want to get out of town for both storms. >> geraldo: as i bring in allan dershowitz. i joked about the beaches being closed for hurricane obama, but it is for hurricane bill. i have seen you on the beaches, a resident, how do you feel about the beaches being closed? do you think it is warranted by
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the storm. >> i'm glad they closed. my grandchildren didn't listen but put on their "life" preservers and went into the surf because it was exciting. but i didn't agree with that. we had two drownings this year on the vineyard and one death on the water so it has been a very, very bad year on the south beach. >> geraldo: the president will be staying at a place called blue herron farms. is a place you know well. i believe that if president clinton did not stay there they have been entertained there. tell bus the blue herron farms where the obamas will be staying. >> it used to be an old farm. i was offered it to buy for a relatively inexpensive price in 1992 and i passed and my friend turned it into a phenomenal horse ranch and property and beautiful.
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we used to have parties and he entertained president clinton there and many people. >> who owns it it now? does he still own it? >> i'm told that it is owned by a conservative republican down south and president obama rented it for full price, which is very expensive. >> geraldo: ed a damn is on the cape a bit east of our position. i think he is already getting the rain bands as dr. bob described. is that right, adam? tell us what you see? >> just started to rain. i just put my storm coat on for the first time all night long. i have been wearing a sport coat and tie and i have been fine. i just literally changed into it. the first rain we have seen all day. it has been pleasant here on the cape all day long as hurricane bill makes its way up the atlantic. we are in chatham and people have been taking certain precautions. tying their boats down and certainly staying out of the water.
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that is the biggest danger in all of this. it is not necessarily on land because hurricane bill is losing steam as it moves up the coast but the fact of the matter is that the riptide and surf is dangerous and they are urging people here to stay out of the water. of course, the surfers are out there and there is kayakers out on the water. this is what they live for so you can't really stop them from doing anything but, of course, people who are swimming and deciding to go into the water are urged to stay out. for the most part it has been relatively quiet here. i'm not sure exactly what you have out there on martha's vineyard but it has been nice out here actual. >> i it is actually pleasant here but we anticipate, i ran to the surf on the south side and it was rough, rough, but not extremely rough. we will show you that picture later in the program. but also the storm is not expect to the hit here until about when, bob? >> in about four hours they told me to expect maximum winds of 40 to 50 knots. that is still pretty stiff. what they are worried most
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about is flooding and, of course, the very high surge surf. on nantucket they had to pull two people out. a life guard got a whole lung full of water. walls of water there that can pull you out and drown your quickly as alan was saying. >> geraldo: do you know anything steve, you are the local contact so if you don't know, nobody does, i have from unimpeachable sources who says that chelsea clinton is, indeed, getting married tomorrow. is that true or one of those old folk tales? >> i'm not sure my sources can compare to yours. we have been hearing that all summer. i have not heard it from any official or reliable source so i can't tell you. >> definitive answer on this one. i was with president clinton just a few days ago and i surely heard nothing about that. >> no chelsea up inuals. >> i don't think so and we know
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her roommate from stanford who is here on the sigh land. >> and you are not invite. >> and i'm not invite. >> geraldo: i also heard and i think this one maybe has more legs, that after the president lands he is giving a press conference and then he may visit the legendary hyannisport compound to visit with the legendary ted kennedy. do you know anything about that? is that -- >> i sure hope it is the case. ted kennedy has been the greatest senator of the 20th and early 21st century. i first came to the vineyard to help senator ted kennedy at the lowest point of his career.
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he has been a great man and will be missed in the senate. >> geraldo: coming back up, i want to be able to maybe pan off into the -- pan that light off on to the boats. chappaquiddick island are those lights you are able to see. it is not attached on this side to the main island of martha's vineyard but connected buy a small ferry and small bridges and roads and one of those bridges where senator kennedy had the accident that doomed his presidential aspirations. how do they feel about the healthcare debate here? or is everybody a democrat on martha's vineyard? >> this island voted for president obama by a wide margin but i think people feel the way most of america does and it needs fixing. >> geraldo: and thele denverly, people who used to be just automatic democrats seem not to be rallying to the president, bob.
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>> there is a huge amount of medicare that could get cut. they have a terrific program right now. in massachusetts, they have the closest to universal health coverage but a $9 billion deficit and the emergency room swamped now with people who have healthcare insurance. >> geraldo: when you come back you hall fresh voices involved in the acrimonious debate. former congressman j.c. watts joining us. sc kupp also joining us. we are live and at large in marthas it vineyard, waiting for bill and president obama. me again.
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we need to remove instead of those on well fire stay on welfare because they get medical care. then people are on an even playing field. >> if everybody makes some changes, insurance companies,
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pharmaceuticals, doctors, doctors,nurses, hospitals, patients, lawyers, everybody makes changes, you know, we are going to be able to afford to provide good quality healthcare to everybody. >> geraldo: that is hillary clinton in 1993 and doesn't that statement resonate today? ironically, a rasmussen poll just came out finds that the clinton family is higher rated in terms o terms of popularitye president of the united states, barack obama falling from his lofty 67% approval down to 49%. the former president, bill clinton is at 58%. and the current secretary of state hillary clinton is at 53%. so, when hillary was proprosing healthcare her numbers were surely a whole lot lower than that. congressman j.t. watts, former
10:17 pm
congressman watts joins me. congressman, fair and balanced. why do you think barack obama is suffering to grievously at the polls? >> geraldo, this is a lot of stuff out there that makes it easy and i'm talking as a strategist there. i would say that there is a lot o of things that the president has o on the table now that makes good fodder for the opposition. a healthcare bill that is tanking. you have cap and trade on the sidelines. you have taxes, you have, you know, spending, borrowing, you have cash for clunkers that dealers are saying, you know, hey, we are pulling out of this thing, we can't get paid. i think you have got a lot on the table and i don't think the frustration that we see with the american people and all the town meetings, i don't think that just started, you know, back in january when the president was sworn in and the last two or three months. i think it started probably back in '95, '96 when the
10:18 pm
american people took republicans out of the majority. they were frustrated, angry, disappointed in what was going on in washington and i think it carried over into the administration and after six months in office now i think it is becoming more president obama than it is president bush's and he will have to take ownership of it and i think you see his numbers at the polls suffering cu due to that. >> geraldo: s.c.kupp, here is the deal. the americans are hitting pretty hard at president obama and i think more importantly the senior citizens have deep suspicion now. it is obvious today watching the town hall meetings that they are not just a bunch of screaming crazies. maybe they were initially. certainly not now. but a lot of seniors that believe that the only way to pay for universial healthcare is to ration senior care but
10:19 pm
the republicans haven't come up with an idea and the medicare system as it currently exists is running a multitrillion dollar deficit, isn't that right? >> it is a mess. i think the administration is a little dazed and confused frankly. i think maybe they expected pushback from republicans when they got into office but didn't expect the american people, especially people to be so scared and so agitated and so concerned and so vocal. i think that the campaign was mounted really against republicans and they kind of tried to marginalized the will of the people and now they are realizing if democrats want to get reelected next year that theyville to give the people, especially seniors, a much bigger microphone. >> i don't think there is much to give when you have massive deficits and no real idea of how we are going to extend healthcare to the 46 million that are uninsured. our discussion and debate
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>> what is remarkable to me is such a dispair rate group of people can come together on a workable consensus. my son said that having senator kennedy and me together like this on this stage behind the same piece of landmark legislation will help slow global warming. >> that is because hell has frozen over. >> today you were talking about what your son said about us getting together. my son said something too, and that is when kennedy and romney support a piece of legislation, usually one of them hasn't read
10:24 pm
it. >> geraldo: there is former presidential candidate mid romney, governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts along with senator ted kennedy getting together in 2006 to enact the massachusetts universal or near universal healthcare system. but dr. bob, aside from being everything else, you are an internist and real doctor, you don't think it is working. >> you got to give them a lot of plus points forgetting more people insured than any other place in the country. >> massachusetts. >> down from 14 to 15% to 2.6%. but you always have the law of unintended consequences. suddenly a $9 billion deficit. you expect the emergency rooms would have fewer patients because they have the money to go to doctors. no, they say i have the money i'll go to the emergency room. you thought the emergency rooms were crowded before. now, they are packed with people. the other thing is
10:25 pm
massachusetts is the highest premiums of any place in the country. $13,000 for the average family and expected to go to $20,000 by the year 2020. doesn't mean it was a bad idea. the key thing with all the plans is you don't have enough people going into the system and saying how do we legitimately take all of the west out of it and make it better and cheaper. dartmouth has been the best assaying look at minnesota, a lot less care, a lot better results. look at cuba. >> professor allan dershowitz, he is talking about rationing. is it now a fact that the fears of the seniors are realized that the care will be rationed and and no way we can bring 46 million uninsured into a system already burden. >> it has to make allocation decisions and i hope we will
10:26 pm
all consider that every human life is a gift and to be preserved. but in the end, they will have to be -- there will have to be somebody who makes decisions. under the system there should be an opt out. everybody should have an option to opt out and always go to a private physician and there should be a promise from whoever administers the system that nobody will be worse off under the system that they were previously. if you don't like the system, opt out. a little like public schools. have to pay for the private school for public schools, too, here you have to pay for public funding but you can opt out and get your own private care. as long as that is true, a lot of people will feel a lot more comfortable about the government not telling them how to deal with end of life situations. >> geraldo: isn't there also a racial component, most poor people black and brown, most middle class and people with means are from the majority white americans, is there also
10:27 pm
that kind of gap? is there also resentiment that people will be increasing their taxes and burdening themself and maybe getting diluted healthcare to make sure that everybody is cared for. in. >> i think, geraldo, you know, someone has -- someone will pay for the system and will pay for the system with higher taxes and so forth. i think it is a novel idea to say that poor people should be able to get healthcare and i'm surely not opposed to that. when you look at medicare and med did i case they are spiraling toward bankruptcy quicker than expected as was said by the medicare trustees >> geraldo: i agree. tgh got to take a break. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ .
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from america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner. brand new angry reaction following the release of the lackabie bomber. he was allowed to return to libya because he has terminal cancer. mueller saying it is a mockery of justice. still, no sign of containment at this hour as more than a dozen wildfires are burning across greece. one of the largest burning north of athens.
10:31 pm
the firefighters there evacuating two large children's hospitals. people from nearby villages and suburban areas also forced to leave everything behind. so far, though, no reports ever injuries. ima&let's get back to geraldo,e at martha's vineyard. >> geraldo: as of right now, the surf although higher than normal is still nor faroe showers. this is 8:30 eastern time. the true impact of the storm not anticipated until about 2:00 in the morning. surf's up. right now just a wonderful night for surfing. although the beaches are all closed up and down the coast. and i don't mean to make light of it. all right, now, it is 10:30 eastern time and the wind is fresh, the rain comes and goes. you can see it is pushing the boat and the stern line is very tight as the wind now from the
10:32 pm
northeast pushes voyager off the dock. from martha's vineyard you have a clear picture of cape cod and in the day time obviously and one of the places you see is highian necessary port and nor ted kennedy so imfirmed that he is asking the government of massachusetts to enact a law in which the governor who is by chance a fellow democrat would appoint a successor to senator kennedy rather than an existing massachusetts law which calls for a special election in five months. that is how sick senator ted kennedy is. bob mann used to be his press secretary. he joins me now from aah
10:33 pm
continue, texas. what do you think, how are things going? >> first of all, austin is having storms, too. that aren't quite as dramatic as those in martha's vineyardbut tornado warnings are here and after this i will run over to the security parlor and hide behind some of the big tables that waylon used to hang out at. senator kennedy. >> geraldo: sounds like a plan. >> sounds like a good plan. the first time i went to martha's vineyard was with the most brilliant political pollster in history and he gave me my introduction to the vineyard. one of the things i learned rerespect to polling back to the 49% with president obama. nobody is polling the people if the barrio or the ghetto or people in the nursing homes or people that make $20,000 a year. there are not many people up in
10:34 pm
martha's vineyard that don't have health insurance. senator kennedy is committed to -- all of hisislamists energy energy. we saw what people in minnesota went through when they went without a representative forrite months. he does not, massachusetts, to have to go through the same thing. does he want his legacy to be maybe finalized for the legislation? of course. most people have foregotten is that governor romney ran against senator kennedy and there was a pretty -- campaign. in spite of that unlike what you see down in washington, kennedy and romney became friends and respected one another and we don't see too much of that any more. i think, by the way, if ted kennedy wanted us to be on the floor of the senate, i think some of that name calling and some of that phone any
10:35 pm
orchestration of nonissues would not be going on out of respect for him and he could -- >> geraldo: let me say this about senator ted kennedy. it seems to me that with the leadership of the democratic party now with nancy pelosi in the house, harry reid in the united states senate, the democrats are in some ways and i mean this with all due respect, devoid of charismatic, powerful, popular central figure. there is no democrat right now speaking on behalf of the president except for the president who anybody at least and i'm talking to you as middle of the road as i possibly can be, there is nobody on the democratic side who is appealing to the people who is explaining how this will impact them and i think that the democrats, they are wimping out. they are getting their clocks
10:36 pm
cleaned on the town hall meetings. they are hiding. they are as the rain increases here on the vineyard, i can say that the republicans clearly have outmaneuvered the democrats, the question is whether or not no healthcare is an acceptable alternative now. do you have any inside information bob on the condition? as the rain increases, i think we will move this down below deck. any information at all about the senator's frail condition right now? >> i talked to some people last week who had been around him. he reads the paper, he watches c-span. he daily talks with people. he have very much aware. he is not as mobile as he once was. he always had back problems and it is -- it is exacerbated now by that condition but he is still together and still willing and eager to play a role and i suspect anything you
10:37 pm
see out of the kennedy office comes directly from him. >> geraldo: i got that. bob mann, thank you very much for joining us, ladies and gentlemen. i mentioned how martha's vineyard is such a sent magnet and many of the celebrities are academic. and i ran into one of them today actually just a couple of hours ago, he was on kind of a tricycle. he has bad news and he was riding with two other professors. a professor at harvard university. someone that you know very well from the so-called beer summit. he is professor henry gates and we scored an unexpected exclusive with the professor who was at the center of what became a racial profiling or class dispute with an officer from the cambridge cops. here is professor gates on his bike here on martha's vineyard
10:38 pm
just a couple of hours ago? >> geraldo: in the aftermath of your personal hurricane, how do you feel? >> i think that the president exhibited particularly brillant leadership by bringing officer crowley and me to the white house and now it is over and time to ruminate. it never was really about me. it is about -- i was in jail for four hours. it is about the people who are in jail for four days or four months or four years or longer. it is about racial profiling. and it is about understanding the role of the police and how important the police are, on the one hand and understanding the perils of racial profiling on the other. in fact, if i was to take a documentary, an even handed documentary, there would be half from the police's point of view and half from the point of view of victims of profile. >> geraldo: are you and officer crowley pending the elbow any more? >> we plan to meet in mid
10:39 pm
september and go to an undisclosed location and i'm going have a sam adams and i don't know what he is going have. >> geraldo: which is the biggest storm, bill or president obama? and do you, yo you know feel pn for his pain now in the sense that he is being beleaguered and getting beat up over the healthcare? >> i think he has a brilliant healthcare plan. i don't think that people understand it. i think that we all need to do a better job of communicating the essence of the healthcare plan and how crucial it is for americans for all of us to be able to go to bed knowing that all of our fellow citizens are protected. >> geraldo: do you regret that he got so caught up in your kind of issue? >> do i regret it? no, i think that he spoke from the heart. i think he spoke the truth. i don't think he regrets it. and i think that he made it as he put it a teaching moment for
10:40 pm
america about race relations and about racial profiling and i thought that he exhibited the spirit of reconciliation by bringing officer crowley and me together and officer crowley and i e-mail regularly and he is reading my book colored people and he sent me a fan letter this morning and i was very appreciative of that and, you know, we will have a frank talk about it one day. >> geraldo: okay. i don't know whether professor gates will see the president here but as you can see, the effects of hurricane bill are closing in. this hurricane getting here before the president of the united states. but one of henry gates' attorneys, professor dershowitz is here, dr. bob. he went to dartmouth, the rival school, though. was this about race or was this about something else? >> it was about a lot of things. i think the fact that sergeant crowley who i also know and who is a very decent man, his aunt has been helping us clean our
10:41 pm
house for 20 years, a wonderful woman, francine, i think the fact that he didn't believe that he owned the house immediately, the house has many pictures with skip and nelson mandella. after that it was contempt of cop or disturbing the police. if you talk back to the police that is going to happen. i got arrested in fenway park and taken away also twenty years ago. >> geraldo: you weren't streaking were you? >> a couple of seconds before the race. >> i think it was turning into class. it had been race and i think they stepped back saying this starts to look like, you know high brow harvard professor and a blue collar policeman but henry is a terrific guy and i love him. >> geraldo: we will take a break and be right back from rainy martha's vineyard. me again.
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the rain has picked up here on nascar's vineyard. unlike my usual storm coverage i got out of the rain and we came down here. we sailed around the world on this vessel with my family and after that, 1600 miles up the amazon river. dr. bob arnaut and steve dershowitz and conservative republican attorney leo kaiser who also represents me, by the way. i introduced two people on the ground in kabul, the afghan capital, about the results. 89ing me from kabul is the south asia bureau chief of the
10:46 pm
christian science move any tore. what about the terrorism and cutting off the fingers? do you think meaningfully affected the turnout at the historic election? >> all anecdotal supports suggest there was a very low turnout in the election and it is hard not to come to the conclusion that suicide bombings in the heart of the safest parts of kabul in the week before the election as well as night letters distributed across southern afghanistan warning people that 23 they vote and dip theirer in that ink that the taliban will come and cut that finger off, those things had to have played some role in depressing the turnout and just some people too scared to come out to vote. >> geraldo: is it as close as it appears, a tossup virtually between president karzai and
10:47 pm
dr. abdullah? >> both are claiming to be in the lead. we don't even from preliminary numbers from even individual provinces. that the point it is speculation. at first, months ago, it seemed like this election going to be hands down karzai but turned in mao a bit of the race at end as people turned out for abdullah. >> south asia bureau chief of the christian science monitoringfy tore, thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me on. >> geraldo: the former first secretary for the university of afghanistan. a senior fellow at the east west institute and a director at the institute for conflict and peace studies. he joins me from kabul. we are hearing from complaints from dr. abdullah's camp of voter fraud and voter
10:48 pm
intimidation. he claims they were widespread. what say you, mr. karzai? >> i think if you look at the entire process, we have seen everybody in the international community, whether we talk about the european union or secretary general of nato or secretary general of the u.n., all of them have said that the afghan election have been successful. president obama gave a conference where he said that the afghan elections were a success. clearly there have been some irregularities and minor technical issues with the ink and other challenges would emerge. there is no elections that are perfect. all the elections in most of the world have some sort of glitches and technical issues but overall the election process was in my opinion fair and it was quite a success for the afghan people.
10:49 pm
>> geraldo: was the taliban with its campaign of terror and intimidation with the killings of the more than two dozen people and cutting off of the ink stained fingers are two voters, were they successful in suppressing the voter turnout? >> absolutely not. i think what we have seen in the midst of all this threat, violence, suicide bombing, the afghan people came and voted. they are estimating that we had about 50 to 55% voter turnout. >> geraldo: can the taliban be defeated? it is now eight years following 9/11 and the 2001-2002 defeat of the taliban. now, they are back. can they be defeated. can peace come to your war-torn country? >> peace can absolutely come to this country. but, unfortunately, we have to realize and especially afghans have already realized this that we cannot win this conflict
10:50 pm
only through military means. we have to engage in political maneuvers and putting political dialog and engage the taliban. >> so the president would welcome the taliban into the government? >> absolutely,. >> the talibans in many levels are the sons of this country. there are many other figures in the political process. why are taliban any different? they should in the political process and given much more opportunity at this stage. >> geraldo: again, thank you very much for joining me. enjoy your holiday. president karzai's cousin is saying the taliban will be invited into the government of afghanistan. how do you feel about that? our discussion, after the break. %
10:51 pm
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10:54 pm
>> geraldo: back live in martha's vineyard. i want to go to former congressman watts. is compromise possible on healthcare? >> well, geraldo, in washington, the only thing certain that s is that there won't be any certainty. that is a tough one to call, but i think the president has done some good things in this thing, believe it or not. there has to be saving as the first lady clinton said back in '93, there has to be savings. we tried to create savings in '95, '96 my rookie year of congress by slowing the growth in medicare from 7.9% to 7.2% and we got la mblasted for that. one of the demographics overlooked in the discussion are the doctors. i was with the american society
10:55 pm
of medical doctors on wednesday at a press conference releasing some polling numbers. 70% of the doctors polled said they would not participate in a government-run healthcare so if you don't have doctors you don't have a healthcare system so that is a very important fact in the discussion. >> geraldo: fair enough. >> and i thought about that when you were talking to bob about that earlier. >> fair enough, congressman. but i have this to say. double the enrollment in medical school and use stimulus money to pay tuition and should in exchange for the stimulus money ask the doctors to do a couple of community service and a whole network of federally financed clinics to give direct care to the poor. leo kaiser, i unfortunately, only have one time one. what is your biggest beef about the healthcare. >> there has not been an adjustment for the eight years that the people live longer today than in 1965 when medicare was first adopted. the political leadership is
10:56 pm
bankrupt with respect to telling people that we need to adjust for that fact. >> geraldo: and let me go back now. i hear the rain hitting the hull of the sailing vessel voyager. where is it? >> this is the outer band here and hitting us right square on the head. all the rain and wind out there right now, just about 140 miles from the eye. >> geraldo: and it won't come any closer, though, so it will be -- the wind obviously will increase. the surf being driven onshore on the south facing beaches. >> 12-foot waves tomorrow and they are really worried. >> in nova scotia is that ground zero for hurricane bill. >> it will have a more devastating effect on nova scotia than it is here. >> take you outside above deck on voyager and the weather has
10:57 pm
gotten a whole lot worse and it will just deteriorate from here as this category one hurricane now as dr. bob said, over 100 miles off the coast but as it swirls and that cyclonic counter clock wise banter it is bringing plenty of rain and the wind is also increasing there. see the boat in the silhouette there, a beautiful shot, a beautiful island and very tough conditions. we'll be broadcasting from here again tomorrow night when the president makes his arrival so from voyager, thanks for watching, we'll see you tomorrow night. bye, everybody. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them.
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